Performance as at 30 April 2022

Allan Gray Balanced A TR in ZA 12.91 8.33 7.11 10.04 Multi-asset High Equity
Allan Gray Bond A TR in ZA 7.83 7.12 8.44 8.13 Int Bearing Variable Term
Allan Gray Equity A TR in ZA 14.27 7.52 6.42 9.88 Equity General
Allan Gray Orbis Global Equity Feeder A TR in ZA -2.66 10.13 8.76 16.31 Global Equity General
BCI 36ONE BCI Flexible Opportunity A1 TR in ZA 14.56 13.56 9.62 11.52 Multi-asset Flexible
BCI Centaur BCI Flexible Fund TR in ZA 10.14 12.45 9.28 13.66 Multi-asset Flexible
BCI Fundsmith Equity Feeder A TR in ZA -0.20 Global Equity General
BCI Income Plus C TR in ZA 5.25 6.89 Multi-asset Income
BCI Sasfin BCI Flexible Income A TR in ZA 7.86 8.50 Multi-asset Income
BCI Stable Fund of Funds 3B1 TR in ZA 10.31 8.56 Multi-asset Low Equity
BlueAlpha BCI Balanced C TR in ZA 14.50 Multi-asset High Equity
BlueAlpha BCI Equity A TR in ZA 13.72 7.97 Equity General
BlueAlpha BCI Global Equity A in ZA 1.75 12.78 Global Equity General
Cadiz BCI Absolute Yield A TR in ZA 6.34 6.26 Multi-asset Income
Cadiz BCI Balanced A TR in ZA 9.86 3.12 Multi-asset High Equity
Cadiz BCI Enhanced Income C TR in ZA 5.50 6.12 Multi-asset Income
Cadiz BCI Equity A TR in ZA 10.54 1.12 Equity General
Cadiz BCI Money Market A TR in ZA 4.24 5.77 Int Bearing Money Market
Cadiz BCI Stable A TR in ZA 8.01 5.50 Multi-asset Low Equity
Prescient Balanced A2 TR in ZA 6.97 9.00 Multi-asset High Equity
Prescient Core Capped Equity A2 TR in ZA 14.97 Equity General
Prescient Core Equity A2 TR in ZA 8.95 7.02 Multi-asset High Equity
Prescient Income Provider A1 TR in ZA Multi-asset Income
Satrix Balanced Index A2 TR in ZA 12.22 9.88 Multi-asset High Equity
Satrix MSCI World Equity index feeder A1 TR in ZA 3.67 12.90 Global Equity General
Satrix Property Index A1 TR in ZA 11.38 -5.67 Real Estate General
Satrix Smartcore Index A1 TR in ZA 18.78 Equity General
Sygnia FAANG Plus Equity A TR in ZA -19.61 Global Equity General
Sygnia International Flexible Fund of Funds A TR in ZA -4.55 7.30 Global Multi-asset Flexible
Sygnia Skeleton Balanced 40 A TR in ZA 7.46 8.09 Multi-asset Low Equity
Sygnia Skeleton Balanced 60 A TR in ZA 7.79 8.58 Multi-asset Medium Equity
Sygnia Sygnia Money Market A TR in ZA 4.64 5.43 Int Bearing Money Market
Sygnia Sygnia Skeleton Balanced 70 A TR in ZA 7.90 8.90 Multi-asset High Equity
  • No data in a field means that either no data has been provided to us, and/or the fund still younger than 13 months.
  • We are firm believers in the concept of disciplined investing for the long term. We therefore ignore reporting short term volatility, ie: any term under 12 months.
  • Performance is annualised and net of the fund and/or portfolio manager’s total fees and expenses.
  • Performance does not include the costs of administration. Different products may be subjected to different administration fees. Click here for our product administration fees.
  • Data provided by Profile Data, FE Analytics and IRESS.